Introduction to Remote Sensing Using ArcView

A Hands-On Workshop

Instructor:  Dave Verbyla, Associate Professor of GIS/Remote Sensing

Thursday through Friday, January 10-11, 2002

University of Alaska Fairbanks,

9AM to 5PM ONeill Building Room 359



9AM Introductions, Logistics, Modules Overview

Module 1: Remote Sensing Basics

Exercise: Introduction to Arcview Image Analysis

Module 2: Ordering Remotely Sensed Imagery

Exercise: Ordering Landsat-7 ETM+ for your area

Module 3: Image Display

Exercise: Panchromatic, Color and Color Infrared Image Display in Arcview

Module 4: Image Rectification

Exercise:Image Rectification Using Arcview

Friday, Jan 11, 2002  9AM

Module 5: Image Co-Registration

Exercise: Image Co-Registration in Arcview

Module 6: Image Classification

Exercise: Image Classification and Accuracy Assessment  in Arcview

Module 7: Cartographic Applications

Exercise: Creating Animated Images and Arcview Layouts

Dave Verbyla

Department of Forest Sciences

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fairbanks, AK 99775-7140

Questions????  Email:  Dave Verbyla