NRM 435 GIS Analysis  Spring 2019

Jan. 14 - Apr. 29, 2019

Course Goals:


Dave Verbyla, Professor,
Dept. of Natural Resources Management, ONeill Bldg 368

Office Hours: Most days by email appointment so we can screen-share.

I will try my best to answer emails within 24-hours.


Disability Services:  I will work  with the Office of Disabilities Services (203 WHIT, 474-7043)  to provide reasonable accommodation to to any student with a disability.

Please inform us the first week of class if you have a disability that we should be aware of.

Grading will be based on 500 total possible points from

Late assignments will not be accepted.

Final Grade: Total Points:
A+: >474 A: 450-474 A-: 440-449
B+: 435-439 B: 425-434
C+: 400-419 C: 375-399 C-: 365-374
D 350- 364
F <350


Weekly lectures (view by Wednesday)

Weekly ArcGIS Quiz (posted by 8am every Wednesday)

Practice Lab (do before weekly ArcGIS quiz)

Week 1 Learning Objectives


Course Preview

Customizing ArcMap Windows

Geoprocessing Tips in Arcmap

How to Select Features

Working With Tables

Point Analysis Tools

KEY 2019 Points Quiz

2019 Points Quiz (due 5pm Friday)

2018 Points Quiz

Key: 2018 Points Quiz

Point Analysis Lab


Week 2 Learning Objectives

More Point Analysis Tools:

Uniform and Random Sample Locations

Computing Point Density

Interpolating Point Quantities


KEY 2019 Point Sample Quiz

2019 Point Sample Quiz

2018 Points Density Quiz

Key: 2018 Points Quiz

Point Analysis2 Lab


Week 3 Learning Objectives

Geoprocessing Lines:

Line Direction and Intersection

Converting Lines to Points, Points to Lines

Splitting Lines

Generating Points Along Lines

KEY 2019 Line Quiz: Arctic Coastline

2019 Line Quiz: Arctic Coastline

2018 Lines Quiz: Weeds Near Highways

Key: 2018 Lines Quiz

Line Analysis Lab


Week 4 Learning Objectives

Linear Referencing :

Creating Measued Lines

Point Events at Measure Locations

Line Events Along Measured Lines



2018 Quiz: Linear Referencing Along River

Key: 2018 Linear Referencing Quiz

2019 Quiz: Linear Referencing of Culverts

KEY 2019 Linear Referencing of Culverts




Measured Lines Lab


Network Analysis Overview

New Route

New Closest Facility

Service Area/Network

Origin-Destination Cost Matrix




2018 Network Quiz

Key: 2018 Network Quiz

2019 Network Quiz

KEY: 2019 Network Quiz

Network Analysis Lab


Polygon Analysis Learning Objectives

Spatial Join







2018 Polygon Quiz

Key: 2018 Polygon Quiz

2019 Polygon Quiz

KEY 2019 Polygon Quiz


Polygon Analysis Lab


Learning Objectives: Adjacency and Overlap Analysis

Analysis of Overlapping Polygons

Analysis of Adjacent Polygons



2018 Quiz Private Parcels with road or trail access

Key 2018 Adjacency/Overlap Quiz

2019 Adjacency Quiz

KEY 2019 Adjacency Quiz



Adjacency and Overlap Analysis  Lab


Temporal Data in ArcGIS:

Date and Time Functions in Arcmap Field Calculator

Computing Speed Using Temporal Data

Animating Discrete Point Events

Animating Moving Points

Animating Changing Point Sensor Values

Animating Changing Lines or Polygons


Temporal Quiz 2018

Key 2018 Temporal Quiz

Temporal Quiz 2019

KEY Temporal Quiz 2019


Animal Movement Lab

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break


Raster Analysis:

Creating A Test Raster

Querying Rasters

Raster Calculator

Using Points and Polygons With Rasters

Raster Distance Analysis

Raster Area Analysis

Reclassifying Rasters


Raster Analysis Quiz 2018

Key Raster Analysis Quiz 2018

Raster Quiz 2019

KEY: Raster Quiz 2019


Raster Analysis Lab

Optimal Paths Cost Rasters



Optimal Path Quiz 2018


Key Optimal Path Quiz 2018


Optimal Path Quiz 2019

Key Optimal Path Quiz 2019

 Cost Path Lab


Lidar Analysis:

Simulating First Return/Last Return Rasters

Delineating Tall Patches

Mapping Percent Forest Canopy Closure


2018 LIDAR Quiz

KEY 2018 LIDAR Quiz

2019 LIDAR Quiz

KEY: 2019 Lidar Quiz

LIDAR Elevation Lab

Watershed Delineation :

Processing Elevation Rasters To Square Pixels in Meters

Hypsometric Symbology With Elevation Rasters

Delineating a Watershed in Arcmap

2018 Watershed Quiz

KEY 2018 Watershed Quiz

2019 Watershed Quiz

KEY 2019 Watershed Quiz


Watershed Delineation Lab


3-D Analysis :


3D Points




3D Polygons


3D Surfaces


3D Triangulated Irregular Networks (TINS)


2018 3D QUIZ

KEY: 20018 3D Quiz

2019 3D Quiz

KEY2019 3D Quiz

3-DAnalysis Lab


GIS Data Quality Assessment


Quiz 14 and Quiz 15 due 5pm Wednesday May 1, 2019

2018 Quiz 14: Point/Polygon Analysis

KEY 2018 Quiz 14: Point/Polygon Analysis

2018 Quiz 15: Raster Analysis

KEY 2018 Quiz 15: Raster Analysis

2019 Quiz 14: Point/Polygon Analysis

KEY 2019 Quiz 14

2019 Quiz 15: Raster Analysis

KEY 2019 Quiz 15






GIS Quality Assessment Lab

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